11 Finger Test

Multitouch finger response

To demonstrare multiple fingers without using keyboard controls, use a Tablet, iPod, or Phone (Android, Apple) with MultiTouch gestures in a browser. You can also use a modern desktop browser (FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome) all work, but Chrome is slowest.

To see more than 3 simultaneous fingers on iPad, such as 11 fingers, you MIGHT need to disable "Multitasking Gestures" in General Settings because the iOS system normally intercepts possible gesture events using 4 and 5 fingers!

Finger total:

Clear the list of printed event names above by clicking on the box.

How many fingers?

Maximum fingers seen :

When the number of fingers exceed the maximum, a touchcancel event is received.

The event object properties are fully enumerated and printed on screen.

The touch events are defined by Apple in Safari Web Guide.

Microsoft Surface, and Internet Explorer 10, use their own incompatible multifinger multitouch javascript commands, but they could be supported with little effort.

Mozilla (Firefox) also has a second set of multifinger multitouch javascript commands, they could be supported with little effort, but it supports Apple WebKit already.

The gesture events in the source are disabled currently in this page's javascript because they flood the debug box with too much chatter.

The purpose of this page soon, is to packetize and feed touch events to a remote server that will draw updates beneath the active touch area.